Average Car Insurance in Georgia

Average Car Insurance in Georgia is $2,201 per year in 2014 compared to the national average of $907 per year. The average cost of car insurance in Georgia can increase or decrease each year. Informed drivers know that comparing multiple car insurance quotes online is the best way to reduce their monthly premium payment.

Monthly average cost of car insurance in Georgia is $183 per month.

With the overall trend in average car insurance rates in Georgia being lower and more affordable, now is the perfect time to compare car insurance quotes online from multiple competing agencies. When car insurance companies compete for your business, you can reduce your monthly premium payment rate without sacrificing the policy coverage and customer service you deserve.

How Much Is Car Insurance In Georgia

How much is car insurance in Georgia for my new car, sports car, SUV, used pickup truck? Many passenger car, sports car, SUV, and pickup truck drivers rely on recommendations from their friends and family for car insurance in Georgia. Other drivers attempt to compare the cost of monthly car insurance premium rates by calling or visiting local auto insurance agencies. In both cases, you might be comparing different motor vehicle types, policy liability amount, deductible amount, medical expenses, property damage, and other amounts. There is a better way to compare the monthly cost of car insurance in GA.

Enter your state zip code into the form at the top of this page to compare free car insurance quotes in Georgia. Comparing car insurance quotes from multiple auto insurance companies in Georgia is the best way to reduce the monthly insurance premium rate you pay. Our average car insurance quote system is secure, reliable, and free. Once you enter your state zip code and click "get quotes", you will receive a list of monthly premium rates from car insurance companies in Georgia. A few minutes of your time can reduce your monthly car insurance payment.